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Our teams of seasoned professionals employ advanced data analytics and innovative tools to develop strategic insights that enable us to navigate complex regulatory landscapes effectively.

With our deep understanding of the industry, we are uniquely positioned to anticipate emerging trends and challenges, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve.

We foster long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers, we cultivate an environment of collaboration, empowering our clients to achieve their objectives and maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the principles of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance through public affairs and advocacy. We believe that by working in partnership with communities, organizations, and governments, we can make a positive impact on the world and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Additionally, we strive to provide critical business services and support to each Tara Group operating company and employee, allowing them to focus on and thrive in their markets and provide world-class, data-driven solutions across our varied client base.

Our vision is growth. We intend to continue to build upon our track record of success by leading with data for our clients while at the same time fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and work-life balance for our people.

Our Story

The TARA Group was founded by Jeff Ferguson and Drew Brighton, who met nearly 20 years ago when they were both working as consultants for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Jeff has a background as a leading political operative, specializing in the application of data and technology, while Drew has spent decades on the cutting edge of the consumer data industry.

In 2006, Jeff and Drew Brighton launched their first company, TargetSmart, a data-driven solutions company. Since then, they’ve gone on to launch several more successful companies that are all focused on applying the latest data, research, and marketing solutions. In 2016, Jeff and Drew reorganized their businesses under the umbrella of The TARA Group. Now, with seven wholly owned subsidiaries, The TARA Group continues to grow to add new and innovative companies to its portfolio.

Certifications & Awards

Our companies have certifications and awards with the following companies:

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