About the TARA Group

The TARA Group, LLC is a company founded by Jeff Ferguson and Drew Brighton, who met nearly 20 years ago when they were both working as consultants for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Jeff has a background as a leading political operative, specializing in the application of data and technology. While Drew has spent decades on the cutting edge of the consumer data industry.

In 2006, Jeff and Drew launched their first company, TargetSmart Communications, a political data company. Since then, they’ve gone on to launch several more successful companies that are all focused on applying the latest data, research and marketing solutions.

In 2016, Jeff and Drew reorganized their businesses under the umbrella of the TARA Group. Each TARA Group company operates independently, with its own CEO, corporate culture, clients, and work product. The TARA Group provides administrative support services, such as HR, legal, IT, and finance which reduces overhead, and allows our teams to focus on servicing their clients.

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The TARA Group Companies

TargetSmart makes data better every day. And making better data helps our clients make the right decisions, define their audiences more intelligently, and communicate in a more impactful and cost-effective way.  TargetSmart’s expert team of data, political, and direct marketing professionals wakes up every day with one objective: to help our clients win with data. At TargetSmart it is pretty simple; we believe that good data makes you smarter. We provide our clients with the data products, services, and information-driven solutions that help them win.


A unique creative agency that helps clients reach the right people, the right way with the right message to shape conversations about critical issues.

ACCESS polling, data and analytics, we build highly targeted campaigns across direct mail, TV, phone, radio, and digital media to reach audiences where they are.

It’s a data-driven, cross-platform approach to precision engagement. And it works.


Popscycle Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping clients increase their online visibility and drive more traffic to their websites. Popsycle offers a full range of digital advertising services including social media, programmatic display, online video, CTV, digital out of home (DOOH), podcast and radio advertising. Popsycle helps clients to grow their businesses by creating effective digital marketing strategies tailored to their unique needs and objectives. Popsycle works with a variety of industries, including financial services, education, healthcare and non-profit organizations. Popscycle Digital strives to provide their clients with personalized attention and exceptional service to help them achieve their marketing goals.


REAL Strategies blends the industry’s best data with expertise from our veteran team of political and marketing strategists.  We specialize in data-driven communications, technology and advocacy consulting for organizations seeking effective solutions to modern outreach and engagement challenges.


A national research firm founded on the idea that all politics IS local, American Strategies conducts polls and focus groups and provides strategic advice for campaigns, organizations, and governments. From city hall to the state Capitol and beyond, successful outreach and advocacy campaigns require a detailed understanding of how your community perceives an issue or candidate.  No other firm knows your neighborhood like American Strategies.


Statara combines its expertise in analytics, polling, consulting, and outreach to create a full-service firm committed to helping companies, trade groups, universities, and more reach, engage, and retain their audiences. At Statara, we help our clients identify and gain a full understanding of their audience, customers, and members and then find the most effective ways to reach and engage with them.